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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Do You Love Your Family?

If you do, it is time to think smart.

Did you know that 90% of estates will go through probate?

It does not matter if it is large or small, your children, grandchildren and pets will have compounded pain and the state will receive your assets with no concern for your personal wishes. If there is a second or third marriage involved, your pets and family momentos will receive no protection.

In Arizona, 49% of the files examined were in the probate process after one year. Upon your death, or loved one's death, probate costs, court delays and estate taxes can be a heavy burden on your heirs to pay. You will lose family property that has been loved and invested in for generations, including land and money reserved to care for disabled loved ones over 18 years old.

In probate, your private financial affairs become public court records anyone can access on the internet opening yourself up to identity theft. It is also easy to locate loved ones in a hospice or medical setting and steal personal and private information.

Despite the law, thieves steal medical records every second, in the room, in the medical office and online.

Under Article 1 14-3101 of Arizona Probate Code, no Will is effective to pass title to a property until probated. 

The alternative to Wills and the probate process is called a Living Trust. A Living Trust takes significantly less time to settle, is less costly and allows you to maintain control of your assets at all times. If you become ill, physically incapacitated or mentally ill or have dementia you are still protected. 

Your private affairs are kept private from public consumption.

I can help you avoid thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in fees, estate taxes that can reach up to 40% of your estate value, probate costs and pain that can last for decades and generations.

If you have a Will in place it needs to be updated every 5 years, everytime there is an address change, major purchase, sale, birth or marriage.

If pets are not protected they may be euthanized. If children are not protected they may be separated and sent to those who do not have their best interests at heart.

All of these things listed happened to my family because the Will was not updated, guardianship not in place, and the family was not kept informed with second marriages involved.

Since you like to research and really receive all the information possible, I'm going to give you links that may be of service.  

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(Facts source 
provided by AARP)
 I look forward to more discussion and to answer your questions!

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Do you share maleware with your friends and family?

Can a gif image contain a virus? 

Dangerous file types can be hidden in a gif file or video and be executed on your computer by automatically opening as a gif.

When the original link and code is hidden you will not know you are infecting all your friends computers tablets, laptops and phones when you share it.

Doing anything on the internet and not being smart about it is not being a good friend to anyone. 

A common tactic of malware writers is to disguise malicious files by hiding the file extension or adding spaces to the existing extension.

Solution: ALWAYS check the source link before sharing anything. If the link to the art doesn't go anyware and the art moves, get off that page or site immediately.

The maleware can also be embeded in the advertising on the website page. 

If a Facebook, Google+, Twitter friend shares the "cute" gif or video post with hidden malware, they are hacked when the executable file downloads into their computer and webpage. When someone clicks on the art in an ad, the same result happens.
Warn them in a private message or phone call to remove the art immediately!


Any website can be designed look legit.

Basic check website advice:
Scroll to the bottom of the website you are checking the link on and check the security credentials and source.
Search for information on that site.

Be aware the internet has a dark side.

I live by the philosophy if you’re not willing to lose all the data on every PC on the network,
and have to invest $2,000 on average to have just one computer restored by security experts. PLUS, invest the 6 months to get your computer back in your office healthy with all it's memory...
don’t share malware.

Recognizing dangerous file types

Learn the basics from Microsoft Click Here

Malicious spam email with zip attachments containing hidden .js files
"..a significant increase since January 2015.

The 5 Main Themes in your email are:
  • American Airline e-tickets
  • Charge for driving on a toll road
  • FedEx delivery notification
  • IRS tax refunds
  • Notices to appear in court (Source)
Remember, this kind of thing is also shared on Facebook and 
the IRS never asks for personal information by email.

Watch 15 Awesome well known historic MS-DOS Viruses in Action.

Learn more from me about the legal ramifications as a business owner
with secure client files.

If a doctor's or any kind of health practitioner's, (yoga, massage, therapy, fitness),
office computer is hacked you are liable and you can be sued for anything and are a target for scammers.

Unbalanced people file these kind of lawsuits every minute everywhere.

If your business is in your home, you will lose the home and business.

I Can Help Serve You - Your Identity Matters - Protect It

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

This is the Year of the Red Monkey and what does that mean in 2016?

Depending on what year you were born sets the tone for what you need to develop in the new year of the monkey. I was born in the year of the pig according to chinese astrology and the pig and monkey work together this year. Spiritual and ancient meaning is incredibly interesting to me and this makes sense to my life as a huge shift is coming into our universe.

The Fruit of the Monkey is Red, The Root Chakra is Red...


Be Grounded as You Fly with the Monkey's!

After being very focused on discernment, eliminating all that does not serve the greater good, allowing all that does make a difference with creative, constructive work this past year of 2015, now means the good fortune sign has arrived. I am incredibly excited about the women I work with and experience every day in my life. After many years of transition and caretaking of friends and family, I have experienced life beyond knowing and I am prepared to guide others with inspired and wise decision making, including the relationships, networks and tools to get it done easily. 

The Pig is about running water and change. If I flow with change and allow the water to cleanse and renew it is all good. Fighting the flow only creates a dam and stops or stagnates energy. The Monkey will provide the knowledge, education, protection, wisdom and training for a supported life of abundance. 

What does abundance mean to you? To me it is about time freedom to be with those I care about and to follow my own heartfelt and God given talents with action. The only way to allow wisdom to appear as abundance grows, is the to have the space to meditate with experience...and that takes time. 

When the Pig meets the Monkey it is time to LAUGH!

Laughing Pig Divas Go Shopping!

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Keep Laughing All The Way Home!

Monday, October 12, 2015

So Who Am I?

A person who LIKES lots of NEW colors!

So who wants to join me in drawing a new picture?
I began loving design, art and branding since I could first pick up a crayon.

Always watching and obsorbing advertising since the Madmen days...

I was Art Editor of the Award Winning High School Newspaper "The Palantir", then on to college, degrees and experience in Scientific Illustration, Advertising, Journalism, Marketing, Psychology and Commercial Art, then an established career in the corporate advertising and media world of news, TV, radio, internet and revenue building.

I can guide you in smart business decisions with balance and image impact.

Join the Smart Girls with me, you will be glad you did!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Why Magnificence?

You are magnificent, period, no explanation required.

There are angels all around you.
Are your eyes wide shut or are they open to see?

Today, I was reflecting on all the interesting and fascinating people I am blessed to meet. Learning about their gifts and seeing the life glowing from their eyes and smiles. Each person creates something amazing with talents from God.

It makes it all the more heartbreaking to feel the anger that flows through a day.

I pray and meditate for forgiveness and understanding for the dysfunctional infliction of pain and suffering on our fellow beings. It is a vicious cycle. We can help by giving comfort in times of deep pain that there are no words to express. Listening and hearing with tears can express a deep concern for our friends grief and the victims of tragedy.

Praying for all family's who have had a loss, please bring love to flow around each person everywhere. Grieving is a cycle of recovery that takes years and patience.     

The more people we know, the more our hearts open and the more we can experience and feel as those friends transition either in life or death.

When you go to a place of total love there is no fear. 

If you come across someone in your path today who is always reacting in fear, bless them and walk away with compassion.

Fear based reactions are:

Blocking (the hand)

Feeling, expressing and experiencing these negative emotions is OK, it means a solution is needed or can be found. The problem comes when the reaction is deep in your inner being and stays stuck for years. Then it is a habit. This is why so many suffer. The suffering ripples out and slams other people unconsciously.

Create a new habit, think before speaking or writing, use manners and graciousness, be compassionate. Stop being mean to others. Say yes to something you can learn.

Magnifence is an attribute that is God given. If you know yours, you will know greatness in your soul.

Dare greatly today because there is only today,

Monday, September 7, 2015

Once Upon a Time...

Do you remember when everyone's home was a family business? 

Before the industrial revolution that began in England, each family had a trade that was passed down for generations. Each family member inherited a talent that they took pride in, that is how this great country called the Unted States began. 

What happened to that spirit of pride, risk and adventure that took us to the wild, wild west? 

Everything is about remembering and forgetting, remembering the good things about our journey and forgetting the things that do not serve us any more. That is how evolution organically happens within new babies bodies. 

We are now in the technology revolution
What does that mean for us? 

We are coming full circle at the same time technology is meeting us head on, full force. Are we embracing this shift or frozen in fear that a "job" is not there for meeting our needs.

The reality is that there no more need for a brick and mortor office to fence in creativity and innovation. Those that are disciplined and passionate are creating a new world.

It is happening fast. At the same time we are slowing down to move smarter with meditation and yoga being implemented in the classrooms of our young children. 

I am more excited by my work opportunities and skills then ever before. Everyone can do exactly what their passion is and fulfill their desires, if they choose.

What does that mean for you? 

I see complaining about corporate greed everywhere and yet who allowed it to happen? If is wasn't for corporations. there would be no jobs that paid well.

Now is the time to change the meaning and experience of corporate life. It begins at home.

Are you ready to allow the shift in your life or are you fighting everyone flowing by you?

Today, I celebrate those daring greatly to create a new legacy for our universe without war and conflict. The inner spiral of awareness from the heart is long over due, it has been waiting for now.

Congratulations, the ride has just begun.

Namaste Jilly
@JillyWisdom @JillyJesson Smyth

Monday, July 27, 2015

What is Your Story?

This is Biz Moksha for Real People:

The purpose of this post is about how you respond to hype and fast talking offers that you may believe will solve your business dreams. 

The process I use is based 30 years of B2B experience working directly with business owners of every type imaginable

The payoff is saving you doing all the work yourself and not getting conned by those who don't have your best interest at heart. 

I just received a question that I believe would help everyone or someone you know:

Question? Should we pay a dollar to check out a business webinar offer for 14 days that will end up costing thousands of dollars?

Quick answer: Do you think 14 days is going to establish anything you need for long term business success?

After reviewing yet again another offer full of hype to lure in unknowledgeable people and business owners about online branding, I made a decision to make this my main topic in my upcoming newsletter and articles.

Here is my response:

I'm glad you asked me first about website and brand development for your business. 

I work with and represent a full suite of web development tools and it is all inclusive. We partner with the small business administration, business chambers of commerce and attorneys general across the United States and Canada.

My company guides business owners from website development, hosting and all the tools you need to make an impact with your brand. When I design a website for a business myself, it would be a minimum 4K deposit and a monthly minimum or maximum hosting fee at so many hours per week. 

My Experience:

I was trained at the largest and best interactive TV and news company in the United States at Belo Corporation working in 36 markets across the US and Interactive Research in Dallas Texas. 

My team launched successful business campaigns large and small and brought the Reid Park Zoo, the National Organization of Women Business Owners and FOX11 Interactive TV into the black with my marketing and new membership development interactive plans for the future.

Most people do not comprehend the daily activity and discipline that is required for online branding. When they pay for something cheap, they receive a basic site template to plug in info with babysitting, nothing more. No brand concept or any personal and special representation will be created to make an impact.

Everything NOW has to be interactive and special 
or no one will come back to see you.


Write your personal story from the heart and start sharing it. 
No one will care what you do until you are clear on 
your own heartfelt reasons. 
It is not only about the money for most real people.

This is the best offer on the market to complete the next step, 
to create an interactive web brand about YOU.

When first saw this offer two years ago, and had my first weekend training in Phoenix, I was blown away at what you receive and know the cost value of each piece.  

Did you know that LinkedIn, facebook and eventually Google will want you to pay for online ads within each program?

I've invested in ads, built a following and sold them to others within their overall ad campaigns for decades, unless you are active, have a daily interactive plan and write regularly (daily, weekly) for websites, you will get numbers but no activity. That means knowing and being prepared to respond. That takes good advice and practice.

People are putting money where it doesn't pay because they don't know.

When Go Small Biz is bundled with my Legal Business and IDShield plan to support all they need for business, I mean all inclusive. The price would be less than your cable bill or even a tank of gas because of our group buying power that also includes wide ranging benefits from World class legal and Identity theft support to car rental, to office supplies, to business suits and travel.

To summarize, my bundled special offer is less than what you see offered in basic advertising for Go Small Biz. My added value is I live and know design, image, revenue development and branding.

Let’s set an appointment for a complimentary business overview over the phone, online or in person over a cup of coffee.

I am here to serve because I care and I am passionate about entrepreneurs and their families. Click here for how it works, Click here for small business testimonials. 

"More than 13 million, or nearly 60%, 
of all small businesses have experienced significant legal events in 
the past two years."

Action Steps: contact me here on the page 
that fits your needs and you will receive 
The Legal Needs of Small Business Whitepaper 
and Complimentary First Look Business Analysis

1) The Art of Life and Biz at Home or Office 1-3 people
Peace of Mind andBody / Home and Family Small Business 

I know how to help you and serve your dream and brand.

Review this 2 minute video

Go Small Biz is the tool I include in my client development packages for interactive brand websites and expert direction. 

Here is the handy FREE cheat sheet to compare a tool you need: